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Located in Dunoon, a township based in Cape Town, Wings of Hope provides a safe and friendly learning environment for children to thrive in. Colorful buildings surrounding a large play area characterize this location.

You are called on to help serve anywhere between 130 and 160 children. Here, you will help them receive lessons and offer a fun, encouraging area where they can learn and feel confident about themselves. You will also play with these children and give them hot meals. Children are all about their fun and their food, and both will make them smile. We all love seeing children smile!

Volunteers are placed in disadvantaged communities where children find it hard to receive consistent care and education. You will be assigned a class and will help teachers in their daily endeavors. You will help teach, mark assignments and play sports with them. After school hours, you will be involved in after school as well as aftercare programs in the settlements.

What’s the best part about this you ask? You don’t even need experience. If you’re 18 and over and love being around children, then this fits you perfectly. You will learn while helping others learn and gain knowledge that could motivate you to become a full-time teacher or caregiver. Wings of Hope’s project makes children believe that sky’s the limit. Help them soar to a new height through this top-notch opportunity.

Now, further initiatives being put in place to make things easier for you, as well as the staff and children, such as an office so the administration to function with greater ease. In addition, fundraising for a tuck shop (school shop) is taking place, so children have better access to healthy foods.


You will gain so much from helping to impact a child’s life by providing consistent guidance and being a parent-like figure to them during your time here. Benefits of this program include:

– Flexibility to run your own programs and lessons

– Using your initiative to create activities

– Helping children develop life and educational skills

– Experience working with children and groups within an organization

– Facilitating new experiences for children

– Learning about South African cultures and way of life

– Making new lifetime friends

Dunoon has less police presence than most places in South Africa given it has been stricken by poverty and unemployment. As a result, there’s more potential exposure to street violence, gang warfare, and drug running. Projects like these help young people stay off the streets and learn skills allowing them to become proud contributing members of society. Just your presence and ability to socialize with these children gives them an outlet away from obstacles they may be facing at home or otherwise. SAVE Volunteers are passionate about providing clear paths to prominence to children, and you are a crucial element that will make those paths clearer.

Field conditions

At Wings of Hope, you will work five days each week with the children. There will be some days where volunteers work eight hours, while other days see you working four to five hours, depending on project needs. Here are some tasks you will be given that will be hugely beneficial to the children and their development:

– Teaching lessons to children in older groups such as colors, letters, shapes, and art.

– Teaching English through play and vocabulary stimulation.

– Stimulating smaller children in younger groups with developmental toys, touch, and speaking English to them. Children learning to speak English consistently will help them as they age, especially given that English will be compulsory in later education. Learning this earlier will make transitions into higher education levels smoother.

– Educating children in life lessons, including HIV prevention and warning them about drugs.

– Assisting with feeding programs.

– Supervising activities throughout, including while children are playing and frolicking outdoors.

– Changing diapers, feeding babies, and assisting with naptime in the baby room. If you wanted to learn parenting skills or simply want to sharpen them, this will aid you tremendously.

– Assisting in the vegetable garden, where we grow fresh produce to supplement meals for the children.

– Ensuring surroundings are clean and hygienic, so children aren’t exposed to danger.

Arrival and orientation

Volunteers can arrive at any time on Fridays. You will be transported from Cape Town International Airport to your accommodation in a timely fashion. Staff will happily meet you at any hotel or alternative accommodation on your arrival day, should it be within range of the city center.

You will be given a two-day orientation upon arrival. On Friday, you will be shown around and given a map to help guide your way. After learning more about your project, you can then enjoy your day at leisure but exploring local beaches, shops, bars, and restaurants. At the hostel, you are welcome to enjoy a traditional South African barbeque, called a braai where you can socialize and have some great local food.

On Saturday, once you’ve eaten breakfast, a staff member will educate you regarding the local bus system before heading to Cape Town City Center.

Sunday will be your day to relax and get ready to begin your project.

Your stay


  • HousingVolunteer house

  • Provided mealsBreakfast, dinner

Accommodation description

You will be staying in a volunteer house equipped with bedrooms (two to four people in a room), hot water, electricity, toilets, a kitchen and other amenities. Male and female volunteers can share bedrooms unless instructed otherwise or requested. You are responsible for keeping your room and volunteer house clean always. Cleaning staff will come in two to three times a week to clean the house and change linen.

Accommodation will depend on availability. During peak season, you may be placed in Saltycrax 10 sleeper dormitory until the volunteer house has space available. If you’re not necessarily open to sharing rooms and want a private room, you will have to pay extra.

Volunteers will receive three meals a day, with cereals, fruit, and yogurt for breakfast, bread, cold meats and salad available at lunchtime, while hot meals are fixtures at dinner time. All dinners will include meat, starch, and vegetables.


Volunteers will be staying in volunteer houses that houses 2-6 people.


from $290 USDper week

from $290 USDper week


What’s included

  • Certificate of appreciation

  • Donation to the project

  • 24 hour support and supervision

  • Transport to and from projects

  • Weekly social events

  • Three meals a day

  • Accommodation

  • 3 day cape town orientation

  • Airport pick up

What’s not included

  • Visa costs

  • Police or background check (where necessary)

  • Personal kit

  • Medical and travel insurance

  • International and domestic airport taxes

  • Airfare

  • Extra local excursions

Start dates

Any Friday year round, except for public holidays; closed for accommodation and meals Dec 25, 2017 - January 1, 2018. (Note: There are some special Holiday Programs.)

Founded in 2006 by Cape Town native, Carla Ferreira, SAVE Volunteering champions itself on providing labor to assist under-resourced programs at local schools and communities due to lack of funding. SAVE hails as a non-profit organization (NPO) which slowly became a large organization aiding across multiple African countries. Nations like South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, and Kenya facilitate sustainable community and conservation development projects created by SAVE.

Additionally, SAVE offers several wildlife conservation projects. Flagship projects in Cape Town created by SAVE have grown considerably over the years. As a result, there are now 10 highly successful projects being run.

At SAVE, the goals are to provide local communities with education as well as youth and sports development. SAVE also ensures people are taught skills helping them escape poverty. With help from SAVE’s conscientious volunteers, thoughtful and thorough conservation will be offered, making for smoother transitions and a more productive industry. Not only do their physical tasks such as painting buildings and helping with aftercare make a difference, but their ability to cultivate positive relationships have always been paramount.

Thanks to a considerable amount of volunteer help, SAVE has accomplished many feats. From building and starting three pre-schools for 60 children a year, to starting a computer school with computers volunteers donated, to teaching computer skills to 1,200 children at an underprivileged school. Volunteers have also started several vegetable gardens, and taught hundreds of children how to swim and surf.

They have also cared for various animals, including primates, cheetahs, and African wild dogs, as well as provided adults with training, entrepreneurship and skills development. Thanks to SAVE, you work with volunteers who do it all to help you achieve it all, regardless of background.

These things help save lives, and by becoming a SAVE volunteer; life will become so much better for so many people.

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