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Established in 2011 following a partnership between Khaya Volunteers and local missionary, Philemon Obeid, this educational project allows you to offer English medium education in under-resourced primary schools. Many local teachers lack an appropriate level of English education to be able to properly educate students. This is especially concerning given that English is the language used for national examinations and tourism, which is a major source of income in Tanzania.

With this project, you will be of great help to these teachers who need all possible assistance to ensure students are able to learn English and Mathematics without hindrance. Given that students are taught in open classrooms, where benches and chairs are limited, you will be expected to activate yourself often to make sure no child gets left out.

In these basic conditions, you will help teach English classes, help teachers share their views on education, provide support for sporting activities and remedial teachers for persons with disabilities. You will also work in tandem with principals and assist in ensuring day-to-day operations at these schools go on without interruption as best as possible.

Children at these schools are aged six to 18 and eager to learn English and show you what they have learned. With 95% of the population being Muslims, you will notice many differences with these schools, from attire to other aspects. However, this project welcomes volunteers from all walks of life, with some ranging from the USA to the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Holland and many other nations. You will feel at home thanks to the warmth of Tanzania’s beautiful people that will outweigh this country’s warm conditions.


Teaching can undoubtedly be a demanding job, and it becomes that much harder when you don’t have the facilities or full education to be able to teach children thoroughly. This makes your role in this project very important, and Khaya will ensure you enjoy varied experiences that will shape your own skill set going forward.

For many of these children to stand a chance in the working world or general society, learning English, Math and participating in physical activity is paramount. Your enthusiasm, people skills, and respect for different cultures will ingratiate you to children who need to know that they have a chance and are being cared for. It’s a genuine opportunity to help students become well-rounded and might motivate you to be a teacher yourself seeing the struggles people who are empowered to educate must endure. Don’t just make a difference, be the difference!"

Field conditions

You will likely work five days a week from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. while getting weekends to yourself to explore your surroundings. However, note that hours can change, and schools can close without notification. In such cases, ask all relevant questions to your coordinator.

Once you arrive at the school, you will assist in your assigned classroom, getting together with teachers to work out that day’s activities. You will be asked to teach English, Mathematics or other subjects for three to four hours daily. Other potential activities include offering life skills training and education regarding HIV/AIDS which is rife within Tanzania. You will also be called on to create educational material, prepare lessons on subjects such as country information and the solar system, as well as remedial teaching for individual children.

After-school activities are also essential in providing fluid child education services. If you love playing sports, or watch it anyway, you’ll be able to help children get active by playing sports, particularly football and netball, while supervising and coordinating activities. Plus, you will mark tests, check homework and help prepare learning material for the next day.

Arrival and orientation

You can arrive in Zanzibar directly from Nairobi, Kilimanjaro or other international airports. As a more fun alternative, you can travel to Dar Es Salaam and purchase a ticket to travel to Zanzibar via ferry. It’s an amazing 40-minute ferry ride that will help you see Tanzania’s natural beauty.

When you arrive either at the local airport of ferry terminus, you will be greeted by your coordinator, who will help you familiarize with your surroundings and take you to your accommodations. You will then be given a breakdown of rules and regulations once you’ve freshened up. Furthermore, you will receive a two-hour-long Swahili lesson to help you understand basics while you also shown how to use local taxis, known as dala dalas.

Your coordinator will also give you a free Stone Town tour in the first week to further explore this great town.

Your stay


  • HousingVolunteer house

  • Provided mealsBreakfast, dinner

Accommodation description

Your accommodations are in Kiungani, a safe area located just outside Stone Town and is located near the airport. You will be staying with your coordinator, Francis, as well as fellow volunteers who you will likely share a room with.

This space has a living room and kitchen, with two rooms and two bathrooms and can accommodate up to eight volunteers, though fewer volunteers live here in less busy months (July and August). Additionally, your accommodations has a garden, a secure wall and is gated, so you are assured safety and calm within these confines. Don’t expect hot water to run through the pipes, though in a country like Tanzania where 20 and 30-degree days are regular year-round, you probably won’t need it.

Meals are on offer three times a day by a cook who will be available on weekdays to provide them. These meals will include meat, chicken, seafood, vegetarian dishes, pancakes and ‘chipsi’ which are local fries. Breakfast will include tea and coffee, toast, peanut butter and jam as well as fruits. Lunch and dinner are cooked and can be eaten at your preferred time. Safe, boiled drinking water is also supplied in the house.

Additionally, there is a main road nearby where you can find food stalls providing local donuts (Mandazi), juices, and other basic needs. There are also two bars within a 20-minute walk which provide you with high-speed internet service and groceries.


Volunteers will be staying in a volunteer house.


from $410 USDper week

from $410 USDper week


What’s included

  • Offer of tours and outings in the weekends

  • First day introduction at your project

  • Guidance and supervision during your stay

  • All meals included including safe drinking water

  • Accommodations: shared rooms

  • Personal collection upon arrival from the airport or harbor of stone town

What’s not included

  • Visa of 50 usd (upon arrival) and volunteering permit of 200 usd (after arrival)

  • Transport on the island with local taxis, bicycle or private transport

  • Own drinks including bottled mineral water and luxury items

  • Insurances

  • Airfare

Start dates

Volunteers have the option to start or finish with their project at any given time. Minimum duration of the project is 1 week and longer.

Established in 2005, Khaya Volunteer Projects offers unique and affordable volunteer and gap year projects in South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zanzibar. Khaya projects run the gamut of volunteer interests with project areas including Children; Communities; Sports Development; Healthcare; Wildlife and Conservation; and Education projects. A common thread running through all Khaya projects is a commitment to ethical volunteering. They work to ensure that your volunteering efforts and your financial contributions are used in the best way possible. In alignment with that goal, Khaya, with its base and several offices in Africa, can and does assist its local partners and projects in Southern and Eastern Africa with keeping the focus on responsible and ethical volunteering.

Their mission is simple but resonant:

“...we provide volunteering opportunities for international travellers that are both unique and as affordable as possible with high standards of service and facilities. Needless to say, we also prioritise our selected volunteer projects’ needs in ways that benefit both project and you, the volunteer.”

Honest pricing, crystal clear information, timely communication, and great service are all hallmarks of how they run a successful organization. True to the meaning of “Khaya” in several African languages, Khaya Volunteers makes sure its volunteers feel secure, well informed, and that they belong to the project to which they commit. Khaya believes that if you join on of their volunteering projects, you’ll have an African experience you’ll never forget.

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