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The life of a stray dog is far from easy in Sri Lanka. The vast majority of the public’s awareness of dogs (and animals in general) is still very limited. There are hundreds of thousands of stray dogs in the country who suffer from hunger and untreated diseases, some of which are shot, beaten to death or gassed. Most dogs live on the streets, and many are in an appalling state. Unsprayed females produce several litters of puppies every year, many of which are simply abandoned in front of temples or at the gate of the Dog Care Clinic. These puppies are usually too small to have even the slightest chance of survival unless provided with care. Most of them die of hunger or due to parasites or fall victim to animal abusers. Hence, it is of utmost importance to provide these vulnerable dogs with a level of care that gives them the best chance to survive and thrive. The main goals of this project are to provide: • consistent neutering programs to reduce the number of stray dogs • mass vaccinations in to reduce diseases and to minimize the risk of rabies to both humans and animals • treatment and care of injured and sick dogs • increase the understanding between dogs and humans • to help the locals in Sri Lanka through social adoption projects Many people who own dogs in Sri Lanka are poor and cannot afford vets' fees, so there is a tremendous need to provide these treatments free of charge. test


This program is extremely rewarding and impactful and in your time on the project you will find how valuable your time spent with the dogs is. Please see our video of a volunteer giving his views on the impact made.

Field conditions

Participants will work at the Clinic for about 4 hours a day (generally from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM) from Monday to Friday assisting them with various day-to-day tasks that are key for the successful running of their operations. Volunteers will be classified under two categories: 1. General dog lovers (anyone who has a passion for dogs and is willing to spend time caring for them) 2. Veterinary students (anyone who is formally pursuing a career as a vet) The scope of work for general dog lovers will be: • Assisting with the daily morning feeding • Assisting at the daily afternoon feeding • Socializing the dogs and spending time with sick and injured dogs (this will be a key focus area) • Brushing and checking the dogs for ticks • Nail cutting and ear cleaning • Helping out with cleaning the dog boxes • Assisting with their intake of medicines • Other day-to-day tasks as appropriate The scope of work for veterinary students will depend on their level of knowledge, experience and technical sophistication in this area. In general, vet students will preferably be placed in the New Clinic, which is the part of the clinic where sick and injured stray and owned dogs arrive. The students will assist the vet with various tasks (e.g. holding the dog while wound cleaning, injections, examination, etc.). The students may also help with washing the dogs. They will also help with the morning feeding. Depending on their level of sophistication, they might also assist during castrations and wound sutures (if deemed qualified by the Clinic authorities).

Arrival and orientation

Volunteers have to fly into Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) on any Saturday of every month. All volunteers on arrival will get 1. Welcome Presentation (including Health & Safety Training) 2. Culture Presentation 3. Project Specific Presentation 4. Area Orientation Tour

Your stay


  • HousingVolunteer house

  • Provided mealsBreakfast, dinner

Accommodation description

The VJ Volunteer Villa has shared bedrooms with attached bathrooms, kitchens, common areas, rooftop terrace and private garden. Each room houses 4 to 6 volunteers. The bedrooms have bunk beds. Our main office is located on the ground floor of the villa where our entire team work daily from 8 AM to 6 PM.



from $1039 USDper week

from $1039 USDper week


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