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Set in the highlands of western Guatemala, this unique volunteering project will immerse you in local life whilst helping some of the most vulnerable sections of society. Volunteer with a grass-roots charity established for over 30 years, which runs educational programs around Quetzaltenango and San Juan Ostuncalco. Many families in these communities live in poverty and cannot afford the costs of education. Children are forced to drop out of school to support their parents or enter early marriage, with indigenous girls among the most disadvantaged group. The next generation are left with low literacy rates and limited future opportunities, thereby continuing the cycle of poverty. Volunteers are desperately needed to work alongside a local charity which has a close understanding of community needs. Placements are tailored to your interests and skills, and where you can make the most difference. You could be teaching social and language skills to young children aged 0-5 years old. Alternatively you could be setting up maths clubs or sports activities for teenagers. There are also opportunities to help with educational activities for adults, including nutrition workshops for young mothers and pregnant women. Help to change a country's future by investing in the education of its people. 25 x pre-departure online Spanish lessons are included so that you can make the most out of your time abroad. Spanish lessons are given by an experienced tutor from our school and taken before you leave for Guatemala. Connect in an online classroom where you can see and speak to your tutor. Learn from any location convenient for you with flexible scheduling options.


Volunteers will be providing a much needed service in an impoverished area that sorely lacks educational resources and opportunities.

Field conditions

Volunteers could be engaged in a variety of tasks including: - Helping charity staff with planned classroom activities. - Teaching core subjects to children, including English lessons. - Playing games and organising out-of-classroom activities, including sports, art and drama. - Opportunities to work with adults, including helping to set up educational workshops on food nutrition, women's rights, entrepreneurship, and many more topics. What to expect: The placements are usually Monday to Friday, with flexibility to work full- or part-time. There may be ad-hoc requirements to work some weekends, if events are organised for then. The charity will provide free time, where possible, if you would like to do extracurricular activities or travel excursions. Quetzaltenango is known for its high quality Spanish tutors and if you would like to learn, we can organise Spanish lessons into your daily routine.

Arrival and orientation

Upon arrival in Guatemala, volunteers will need to make their way to the city of Quetzaltenango. Airport transfers can be organised (not included in placement price, however it can organised for you at cost price with no added fees.) We will hold a welcome orientation day in Quetzaltenango where we will help you settle into your accommodation. Our friendly team will show you around your neighbourhood and give you advice on day to-day living. The next day we will introduce you to the charity and the team-members you will be working with.

Your stay


  • HousingVolunteer house

  • Provided mealsBreakfast, dinner

Accommodation description

Whilst accommodation is not included in the project price, we can arrange this for you at cost price, with no added fees. You will be given a personal placement adviser who can organise accommodation to suit your preferences, from hotels and apartments, to local family homestays. Homestays are usually approx. £55 ($70 USD) per week, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most accommodation options are based in central Quetzaltenango which has a vibrant mix of foreigners and locals. The city is easy to get around with plenty of shops and restaurants. Our English speaking team call Quetzaltenango their home and will be on hand to provide support whilst you are in Guatemala.


All accommodation options are based in the centre of Quetzaltenango.


from $288 USDper week

from $288 USDper week


What’s included

  • Local language lessons

  • Training and support

  • Project supplies

What’s not included

  • Donation to local organization

  • All meals

  • Transportation to and from project site

  • Airport dropoff

  • Airport pickup

  • Travel insurance

  • Housing

  • Air tickets

Start dates

We are Rustom and Phiroza Marker, siblings and founders of Spanish Marks, which offers ethical volunteering placements in Guatemala. The story of Spanish Marks began in 2011 when Rustom, an avid traveller, took up a voluntary position at an NGO in Guatemala. He learnt that Guatemala has several grass-root charities which have a strong understanding of local community needs but are often overlooked for support. Along with the help of Sandy, a local Guatemalan teacher, the idea for Spanish Marks was born to connect local charities in Guatemala to volunteers across the world, with the skills and passion to make a real difference. At Spanish Marks we work to understand each volunteer’s background and interests to match them with tailored projects where they can make a lasting change and be of benefit to local communities. We believe volunteering abroad should be an immersive and inclusive experience, which is why we offer affordable placement programs which include pre-departure Spanish lessons. This allows volunteers to make the most out of their time abroad and truly immerse themselves in local life.

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