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In our 2-week Berlin Start-up Experiential Learning Program, our participants go on industry visits, meet with professionals and local entrepreneurs, and actively work on start-up consulting challenge projects in teams – a high-touch learning experience that offers a more effective way of linking theory to practice in a foreign business culture. They visit companies such as BMW and Bayer, meet local start-up founders who change the world, attend an academic lecture held by a professor at the Free University of Berlin, engage in various cultural activities and enjoy special group meals. In addition, our participants become short-term entrepreneurs themselves when tackling social start-up consulting challenge projects in which they solve real-world problems provided by Hong Kong start-ups. In a series of interactive workshops led by certified professional trainers from People & Friends, we help them with their projects by teaching them state-of-the-art entrepreneurial tools and methods including Design Thinking and the Business Model Canvas. At the end of the program, our participants present their final results in a pitching competition in front of a jury of professionals and the winning team takes home a fantastic prize.


During our 2-week program, our participants do not only develop new friendships but make lifelong connections with their peers from around the world. In addition, they can add to their global network when going on the various industry visits where they meet with corporate managers and local entrepreneurs. The industry visits, start-up talkshow and academic seminar at the Free University of Berlin further help them to understand how companies and start-ups are structured and managed in Berlin. Through the “Social Start-up Consulting Challenge” projects they learn how to analyze their own strengths and weaknesses, work together efficiently as a multicultural team and refine their presentation skills when they pitch the final project results in front of a jury of professionals. In our hands-on workshops, they are prepared well for their pitches by getting introduced to state-of-the-art entrepreneurial methods and tools used by start-ups and companies globally. Besides discovering a new career path – becoming an entrepreneur themselves – they will also be able to absorb and adapt to the local culture and enjoy some tasty food at trendy restaurants.

Field conditions

In the 2-week Berlin Start-up Experiential Learning Program, our participants embark on an experiential learning journey in Berlin – Germanyʼs capital, which is not only rich in culture and history but also Europeʼs leading hub for entrepreneurship. Together with their international peers, they will go on a variety of industry visits at global companies and start-ups, engage in cultural activities, enjoy group meals and experience what it means to become an entrepreneur themselves by tackling “Social Start-up Consulting Challenge” projects. These projects represent the guiding theme throughout the two exciting weeks and allow our participants to develop an entrepreneurial skillset and, more importantly, mindset.

The “Socil Start-up Consulting Challenge“ projects explained:
On the second day of the program, our participants are divided into small teams, which will each get assigned one of three existing social challenges in Berlin. They personally meet these start-ups during a start-up talkshow and can thereby gather as much project-relevant information as possible. In 8 highly interactive workshops with People & Friends, they learn state-of-the-art tools and methods to then apply to their “Social Start-up Consulting Challenge” projects. Besides these workshops, an academic seminar held by a professor at he Free University of Berlin will help them to prepare for the pitching competition. On the last day of the program, it is time for our participants to present their project results to a jury in form of a pitch and the winning team takes home a fantastic prize.

Arrival and orientation

Upon arrival, our participants will gather for an in-country orientation session and Welcome Dinner. Each day of the program includes a mix of experiences; featuring, for example, a visit to Vattenfall, a workshop on Visual Thinking, an evening at the GDR Museum or the Free University of Berlin lecture, a visit to the social start-up Restlos Glücklich and a pitch-training workshop using the Golden Circle model. Every morning (starting on day 2), we allow for some reflection time and encourage our participants to share their experiences of the previous day. At each company and start-up visit, they have the opportunity to do some professional networking. They can also sign up for additional cultural activities, such as 1-day excursion to Hamburg, a TV tower lunch with 360° views of Berlin or a street art tour. Our program is concluded with an official Farewell Dinner.

Your stay


  • HousingVolunteer house

  • Provided mealsBreakfast, dinner

Accommodation description

In Berlin, our participants will stay at the aletto hostel where they can either sleep in a twin room (which they would share with roommate of the same gender) or they can upgrade to a single room at an extra cost. The aletto hostel is located in the city center of the Western part of Berlin close to a train station called Zoologischer Garten (zoological garden) in the neighborhood Charlottenburg. Within a 3-5 minute walk our participants will reach one of Berlin’s most popular shopping streets called Kurfürstendamm (locals say “Kuhdamm“). There they can find well-known retailers, shopping malls and plenty of restaurants, cafés, bars and nightclubs. FYI: the aletto hostel also has its own rooftop bar.



from $1830 USDper week

from $1830 USDper week


What’s included

  • Some meals

  • Training and support

  • Housing

What’s not included

  • Donation to local organization

  • Local language lessons

  • All meals

  • Transportation to and from project site

  • Project supplies

  • Airport dropoff

  • Airport pickup

  • Travel insurance

  • Air tickets

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