Environmental and wildlife conservation programs are an excellent way to get hands-on experience with some of the global issues that we currently face while having the opportunity to work with exotic fauna and flora.

Why you should become a conservation volunteer

This is a great opportunity for anyone at any phase in their life to tackle some of the global issues we face. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with critically endangered species and travel to remote locations. Anyone can become a conservation volunteer, no prior experience required. Any training required will be provided on site. Whether your a high-schooler volunteering over spring break, an upcoming college student on gap year, or a career-breaker, your assistance is sorely needed to protect some of the most critically endangered animal and plant life.

What you can do as a conservation volunteer

The projects available to a conservation volunteer are far and wide. This is a great opportunity to participate in fascinating projects that would otherwise be unavailable in your local area.

Due to illegal trade, poaching, pollution and loss of habitat, many species today are endangered and face extinction. Volunteers are needed to safeguard these vital species and rehabilitate them for release, conduct important data collection and research, and help raise awareness in local communities.

The tasks available to a wildlife conservation volunteer can vary from working at a rescue center taking care of stray or abandoned dogs, to rehabilitating endangered wildlife at a sanctuary, to participating in assignments in-the-field. For the more adventurous types, some program providers offer a more rugged experience, where the volunteer will be camping under the stars.

On the other side, the environmental conservation volunteer can work in a variety of biomes, from coastal and marine, to savannah and rainforest. Volunteers can work on reforestation projects, coral preservation, or data collection. Volunteers can also help raise awareness of environmental issues with the local community.

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