Childcare volunteering is a wonderful way to explore the world and make a positive impact by providing support for children and families in need. Whether you’re working in a daycare center, helping out in a kindergarten classroom, or lending a hand in an after-school program, there are so many ways that you can make a difference! s

What you can do on a childcare program abroad

Childcare volunteering programs and internships abroad are among the most popular programs for travelers who want to do some good while immersing themselves in a different culture and exploring a country they’ve never visited before. By providing basic assistance in programs where you can offer care and support for children of all ages, you can make a difference in a child's life.

The childcare volunteering programs and internships that you will find on Abroadly range from one week to longer-term stays - that is, three months or longer. There are many ways that you can get involved in a childcare program, including:

  • Assisting with all activities in a daycare center, including playtime, meals, basic teaching and skills development, and even administrative support

  • Providing support in a school, from working alongside a teacher in a classroom, to tutoring, to helping during lunchtime and other activities, and much more

  • Working in an after-school program to coach sports, help with homework, and plan games and activities to keep kids engaged and off the street

While there are many childcare programs on Abroadly, you will not find any orphanage programs here. Orphanage volunteering is a controversial type of travel, and one that Abroadly does not endorse - you can learn more about ethical volunteering and orphanage programs in this article.

Qualifications for childcare programs abroad

Childcare programs abroad are open to travelers of all ages and all educational backgrounds. Most programs require that you undergo a criminal background check to ensure that you are the right person for this program and that the children that you will be working with are safe.

If you don’t have an educational background in childcare or a related field, not to worry! Childcare programs abroad are among the most flexible - if you’re in college and looking for a meaningful trip for spring, summer, or a whole semester, this could be an excellent option. The childcare placements you’ll find on Abroadly will have you working with local professionals who will support and guide you so that you can feel comfortable and confident in your volunteer program or internship. Some placements are more structured, such as those in classroom support, while others will give you a bit more freedom - for example, daycare volunteering programs tend to have you helping out wherever is needed at any time, throughout the whole center.

If you have a background in childcare or if you’re pursuing a degree or career in it, there are many different options to put your skills to use and to pick up new ones! Many of the childcare programs on Abroadly are on the lookout for travelers with educational and career background to help out with their day-to-day activities - and sometimes even in programmatic work, depending on your qualifications and how long you’re able to stay. Be sure to note your skills and qualifications on your application so that you can contribute where it’s needed the most!

Why you should volunteer or intern in childcare abroad

The children you’ll work with on a childcare volunteering program or internship abroad come from all walks of life - and not all of them live in poverty. The programs that you can be part of support children in many ways. Here are a few ways that you can make a difference:

  • By working in a daycare for children whose parents work full-time, or who live in single-parent households, you’ll provide a safe and supportive environment so that the children won’t be home alone

  • By volunteering or taking on an internship in a school, you not only can help to educate students, but you also can help keep classrooms engaged and allow teachers to focus on students who need extra attention

  • By taking part in an after-school program, you can mentor children, get them involved in healthy and fun activities, and be in a safe environment - especially helpful if their parents are at work when school lets out

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