If you’re reading this, then maybe you’re feeling how I felt when I first decided to volunteer abroad. Inspired. Excited. Overwhelmed. Cautious. Unsure.

That initial excitement when inspired to travel quickly turns into overwhelm - you realize there are thousands (and thousands) of international programs to choose from.

In 2012, we started our first volunteer abroad site, Volunteer Forever, to help make sense of the endless opportunities. It has since grown to be one of the most visited sites in the world for people looking for volunteer, intern, and teach abroad trips with millions of visitors each year. But we felt we hadn’t done enough.

It’s still hard to find the program that’s perfect for you. It’s even harder to apply for those programs, let alone scholarships or other funding sources. And if you ever run into a problem with your program, you’re on your own.

That’s why we created Abroadly - one platform to find and book your perfect international program.

You can submit one application to multiple programs. And your application is automatically eligible for our exclusive scholarships. We also hand-craft a free crowdfunding campaign for you that doesn’t charge any fees on the money you raise.

Most importantly, it’s backed by a team with over a decade of experience in the industry along with those who have built great technology: from working at the Peace Corps to conducting PhD level research on virtual reality to launching new products at Google.

Even if you’re going on this journey by yourself, know that you’re not going alone. We got your back.

Executive Officer

About Steve Weddle


The hardest question anyone can ask me is "where are you from?" As an "Army Brat" and Air Force officer, I was born overseas, lived on three continents, and have spent half my life abroad. Service and international travel have been the two main constants in my life. Those two constants converged for the first time when I volunteered to deploy to Afghanistan in 2009. There, in a war-torn and impoverished country, I learned for the first time that our capacity to help was magnified by the direness of a country's situation. Service and internationalism converged again two years later. This time I found myself caring for orphans at an HIV/AIDS care home in India. I was forever moved by the experience and vowed to make it easy for anyone in the world to volunteer overseas. To reach me directly, please e-mail me at steve@abroadly.com.

Executive Officer

About Brian An


Though a Southern California native, my upbringing and life experiences have always had quite an international and multicultural flavor to them. I spent most summers as a child in Korea living with relatives with the purpose of maintaining affinity with my family, to learn the language, and most importantly to understand the Korean culture. As a student at the US Air Force Academy I had the pleasure of representing the United States at the College Militaire Royal du Canada for a semester as well as the Ecole de l'air of France where I began to understand the cooperative nature of our international community. Through my life experiences, I've come to appreciate the growing symbiotic nature of today's peoples and cultures. I'm excited to help build that multinational bridge through those with the hearts and desires to volunteer abroad. To reach me directly, please e-mail me at brian@abroadly.com.

Executive Officer

About Sarah Vandenberg


Originally from Florida, I always dreamed of exploring the world but only had the opportunity after heading to college. Freshman year, I landed an amazing internship with Peace Corps HQ and was encouraged to volunteer abroad during my summer break: I traveled to Costa Rica on a sea turtle research project and was absolutely hooked. Since then, I’ve dedicated my career to researching and taking part in meaningful programs worldwide. By visiting and vetting each one of our partners and the wonderful programs they offer all over the world, my goal is to share with you the amazing volunteer, intern, and teach abroad experiences that you can be a part of - whether you're looking for a gap year trip, a volunteer vacation, a career-boosting internship overseas, or even a paid teaching opportunity in another country. Email me at sarah@abroadly.com or add me on Skype at @SarahFromDC.

Executive Officer

About Mark Plummer


I believe stories make the world go round; they are as vital as the blood running through our veins. Would our stories be as rich if we did not travel? Would our lives be as interesting if we were all the same? Born into a multicultural family, I spent my youth traveling between the Caribbean and the Southeastern United States. With stories in abundance (and in different dialects), I studied Anthropology at Harvard University to help make sense of it all. Those burning questions are still at the core of my being and fuel my passion for language, experiencing other cultures, and writing. Those who dare to cross borders and share their “riches” with others deserve special support. I enjoy working with innovative minds in technology, who recognize our capacity to connect in untold ways and to do good in the world by facilitating positive cross-cultural exchanges. To reach me directly, please e-mail mark@abroadly.com.